[--Caffeine High--]

9-1 No news at this time, so please keep checking back with us. we should have some soon

9-8 Hello again. It's the one and only Miyamoto, back again. With a new and improved internet connection. But I am currently having a problem with this shitty 50megs account. They won't even let me have text files on their servers. What kind of shit is that. Well, i guess i'll just have to change them to html files so all you fine people can viddie them.
9-1 Well folks, this may be the last update for a week or two. Sorry to say, but we are moving and it may take some time for us to get up on the net again. But the good news is, we will have a T1 connection. YEH. Hooray for us. no more of that shitty 56k connection bullshit. If there are any problems, send us an email, we'll find a way to fix any problems.
8-30 Genshu is working on the roms section. the gameboy shit is coming along nicely. i'm working on the links for them. School starts soon for the both of us which should free up some time. oh yeah, i'm making slow progress with the intro for the page. but it will be sweet, i promise.
8-29 ok.. there was an animated gif added for the banner on the top left. above the links i added a java script for the date. some mouseovers were added. just scroll your mouse over the link and look at the status bar ont the bottom of the page. more to come as the night continues.
8-21 Genshu and Miyamoto are both working on other projects. but the good thing is, there will be a new intro, animated gifs, flash, java scripts, and all kinds of other cool shit to change on the page. koodoes to us.
8-15 Miyamoto is still in a drunken rage, but it seems to be a more productive state. He is writing columns, and searching the internet for news. Also, he is continuing the updates on the layout. It still sucks, but it is better than the old one.
8-14 Genshu has begun work on the Gameboy romz section.
8-13 Miyamoto is in a drunken rage. But still refuses to get help.
8-12 Cleaned up some broken links and started converting the page to the new layout
8-11 Site is now under construction. I will be updating daily.
8-2 Nintendo Roms Section Finished
7-28 Genshu joins Caffeine High